How to Book #MadarakaExpress (SGR) Tickets via USSD

Great architecture, stands out. | Image via Marion Vionna (@KurlyCheeks)

The Madaraka Express team has updated its payment options, with a mobile purchase option: USSD

The steps are about 12: From Keying in the USSD Code, picking options on your departure and arrival points, passenger details, payments and confirmations. It’s a bit tedious and long, but the steps are necessary to get all your details and to ensure you pick the right travel options.

Image via Marion Vionna @KurlyCheeks
Image via Marion Vionna @KurlyCheeks
  1. Dial the USSD Code, *639#. Pick your desired task: Book or check a ticket. The helpline is also displayed here.
  2. Choose your departure and arrival stations, and your dates of travel. This is one way, so you have to repeat the process for your return ticket.


3. Pick your seating options, and input the number of passengers traveling. You can only book up to 5 tickets at time, and groups of over 9 are advised to book directly at the terminus. At this point, you also need to correctly input passenger names and ID numbers.





4. Lastly, pick your payment options, now or later, and the amount you need to pay is displayed vs the coach class and quantity of passengers. If you choose to pay immediately, the USSD platform redirects you to your M-PESA to input your PIN Code.


Travel safe!


  • Kevin Mwangi K

    Is the USSD service free or is it charged and if charged is it a one off charge for the whole process or a response prompt pay per reply?

  • Thanks for the Instructions, especially now with the rain, railway transport feels like a plan.