4 Incredible African Travel Enthusiasts Who Inspire Me

A Linga Koba doll from the Ndebele of South Africa, my companion during my #MzansiTour

As an avid travel enthusiast with an 8 – 5 job (more like 24/7), getting out and seeing the country isn’t always an option. That’s when I take time to read other people’s blogs and live vicariously (albeit tinged with a little green). They’re also, not surprisingly, almost all female. Without further ado!

1. Linda and Amy, founders When in Roam

I’ve know the two for a while, through work circles. They’re a fun duo, always looking for the next adventure and will stop at nothing to experience awesomeness.  They plan meticulously, and always welcome others to their experiences. If their Instagram is anything to go by, you’d think they don’t have jobs to tend to, but in essence, it’s all a matter of good planning. I hope to one day be able to juggle my schedule to match theirs. Check out their adventures via the hashtag #WheninRoam_KE, and get ready for some fun jumping off a bungee platform, dining in the sky, climbing volcanoes, or diving into clear blue waters across the world.

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try. #wheninroam_ke #wheninroam #tbt

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Whatever you want to do, do it. There are only so many tomorrows 🌅🌇🌄 📸 @stevensila #amazingkenya #thisismykenya

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2. Caroline Achieng’ – Travelogues of an African Girl

Carol is a global citizen: Kenyan by birth, who spends her time shared between Kenya, the Netherlands and Singapore. She’s been to so many cities, I lost count. Her blog posts have lots of soul and insight on traveling as a black Christian woman, and keep inspiring me to understand that most people out there are kindhearted and welcoming to strangers. She always sends me so much love via Instagram, and I hope to meet her someday.

Train travel and reading up on someone else’s journey, wearing the colourful hobo pants, because you have to look the part…aye? I must admit though that prepping for travel is a four-seasons affair for me…at first It’s like summer, the sun is high and I’m bubbling with excitement as I scope out destinations, research them and make a flight booking, then as time goes by, the excitement wanes, I feel an autumn chill swirling up around me..I’m getting cold feet, I don’t want to go through the hustle of packing or scrubbing my home squeaky clean..the winter frost feel of cancelations blows past and at this point, many tickets and itineraries get canceled..then I resign and ‘force’ myself to go..it’s time and like the warmth of spring, I pack up, somewhat reluctantly, almost wishing for time to whizz by, already missing my home and space…then I go…and soon I will be back casting a longing look at the photographs and excitedly looking forward to my next trip. Do you ever get cold feet when it’s time to travel? 😀😁😎😫🙏💃🚅🚆 #Antwerp #ig_Antwerp #Belgium #Europe #traintravel #travelblogger #travelgram #travelogues #travelpreneur #igers #igram #budgettravel #CNNGo #wanderlust #worldtravel #globetrotter #natgeo #lonelyplanet #travelexperiences #ig_worldclub #postcardsoftheworld #melaninqueens #travelnoire #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlhair #hairgame #ootd #whereareyounow #eatpraylove #bibliophile

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#ThrowbackThursdays #threeyearsatravelblogger Peeking out of the Krakow bound train. We had an amazing 3-hr train ride from Warsaw. There was some level of privacy from the corridor as we could draw the curtains shut, kick back and relax. I even had a quick nap. 😀🚅🚈 Krakow was this quaint quiet mythical medieval city replete with the Wawel castle, walls, soaring churches, impressive museums and the vast Ruben Glowny, Europe’s largest market square. People were friendly, they requested for selfies with us at every turn…we had a blast! Have you been? #Krakow #Poland #ig_Krakow #backpackingEasternEurope #Polrail #travelblogger #travelgram #travelogues #travelpreneur #igers #igram #instago #budgettravel #CNNGo #wanderlust #worldtravel #globetrotter #natgeo #lonelyplanet #travelexperiences #ig_worldclub #postcardsoftheworld #melaninqueens #travelnoire #blackgirlmagic

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3. Katchie Nzama: The Solo Wandera

If I have travel envy, most of it has been bestowed on me by Katchie. With her throaty and infectious laugh, South Afrikeen accent and loud, boisterous self, it’s hard not to love Katchie. She has a sworn love for Kenya that is hard to fathom, and dreams of moving here to live in Lamu. She also can’t understand Kenyan driving habits, and considers us the worst she’s ever come across. I love her adventurous and brave spirit, and her current journey is all that a solo wanderer dreams of – journey through the westerly countries of Africa, from Tunisia and back home to Jo’burg.It’s not the first trip solo – she did a Cairo to Cape Town epic route. She has a penchant for attracting the hottest guys, and that’s enough reason for me to want to travel with her, lol. Also, Tusker much! She’s also another traveler I’ve welcomed on a whim into my home, and it was totally worth it. Did you notice how she manages to get everyone in her section of the plane to take a selfie? I can’t deal.

4. Tracy & Matt Angus-HammondT2T Africa

Serendipity brought us together: this duo made their way to my doorstep after a series of tweets a few years back. They embarked on an ambitious Tsitsikamma (SA) to Tataouine (Tunisia) expedition, through East Africa. Sadly, the visas, paperwork and other issues got them stranded in Kenya for a while, and they couldn’t keep on their schedule. So I asked them to move in – I always seem to have a room or two  free for travelers. Best thing about them: They love cats! My (then) two fat cats were content to have someone give them extra love. Plus – Matt makes a mean curry; how was I going to say no? Their journey almost ended up in tragedy after they were stranded somewhere in the Congo on a barge afloat a huge river, but thankfully they were rescued. Two years later, I made it down to Jo’burg and they hosted me on an incredible Mzansi tour through Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Gauteng. They, and their cats, are friends for life.



Who inspires you? Check my favorites, and share yours!