A Taste of France in Kenya: Le Grenier à Pain


Have you ever heard of the award, the Baguette of Paris?

I did not know that it existed until a few months ago. You see, the French take their pastries very seriously, and the baguette is the quintessential symbol of France. Literally translated into English as ‘wand’, there is a decree (dated 1993) that declares how a traditional French baguette can be made, with only the following ingredients: wheat flour, water, yeast or raising agent and salt. You are only allowed to deviate slightly from the recipe, this mainly concerns the flour used, and no, you cannot use preservatives.

Freshly baked!
Freshly baked! (Image source: Le Grenier a Pain)

All this fuss for a bit of a stick of bread would seem incredible, but if you’re a baker worth your salt and want this national recognition, you know you have to make it perfect. The baguettes are judged through a blind tasting session, and if you win, you get to deliver baguettes to the Presidential palace for a year.

Perfection: (Image source: Le Grenier a Pain)

For years, Nairobi has established itself as the hub of Eastern and Central Africa, and has become a destination for world-class eateries.


With this in mind, the newly established Le Grenier à Pain opened doors on the 27th of April 2017, ushering Nairobi into a world of authentic French pastries, savories and desserts. The who’s who of the French in Kenya flocked the restaurant, located in Riverside. Since opening their first bakery in Paris in 1998, the franchise has expanded to over 30 locations globally, with the Nairobi branch being the first in Africa.

Translates to 'a thousand sheets', made of razor-thin pastry layers
Translates to ‘a thousand sheets’, made of razor-thin pastry layers (Image source: Le Grenier a Pain)

An all-Kenyan production team keeps the ovens running and the shelves full of freshly baked goods, using authentic Kenyan ingredients. With an over Kes. 120M investment, it’s bound to be the best spot to indulge if you’re in town.

Michel Galloyer Le Grenier a Pain Founder tales a picture with Le Grenier a Pain staff
Michel Galloyer Le Grenier a Pain Founder takes a picture with Le Grenier a Pain staff

Winning the Baguette of Paris award in 2010 and 2012, you can be sure that what moves from your plate to your mouth is a taste of France, as real as can be. See you there sometime!