K1 Flea Market: #NairobiBrunch Series


Standing right outside the K1 Flea Market entrance makes you understand that you’ve made a good decision, if brunch is your agenda. Cause like they say, brunch is an excuse to start drinking at 10am. Tempting, if anything.


K1 Flea Market

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The signs are everywhere.

How can you say no?
How can you say no?


The K1 Flea Market has taken Nairobi by storm, giving vendors a chance to exhibit and sell their wares in an open, funky-hippy space, that is both easy to access and not too far from the CBD. Given that it’s a regular party space for most (hands up, reggae fans!), the familiarity makes it much more attractive.

Chill in the middle, best place to see who's walking in and out and meet your friends!
Chill in the middle, best place to see who’s walking in and out and run into your friends

Vendors range from fashion labels to food, craft jewelry and accessories to cosmetics ranges, books, gardening, music and more. You’re going to have a feast for the eyes as soon as you step in – just remember to carry a well loaded wallet cause you will want most of the stuff on sale.

Always funky and with the funniest #KenyanProverbs, check out Peperuka's stand
Always funky and with the funniest #KenyanProverbs, check out Peperuka’s stand

I was here for brunch though, as it promised a good combination of easy food, a great atmosphere and a fantastic bar. A steady beat pulsed through the air, filled with reggae music. The middle walkway stretches with tables and chairs joined together into one long strip, and it’s the best spot to sit in (if you don’t mind the smokers).

Grab a jar of this amazing sauce. Who would think aubergines have such life!?
Grab a jar of this amazing sauce. Who would think aubergines have such life!?

The seating in the back looked more comfortable, and colorful, cushions clad in kitenge. I cosied up to my friends quickly, ordering some soup to cure the hangie that I was suffering thanks to one Syoks. In the meantime, I started snacking on his food, since he had already ordered ahead. The yogurt parfait looked yummy, but I was only disappointed that they used Weetabix at the bottom instead of museli. It’s just that I prefer my cold cereal to be muesli, and my Weetabix with warm milk and sweet. So I didn’t get to finish it.

The bone soup I ordered looked promising as soon as it go to me, but unfortunately, I had to send it back to the kitchen three times to be heated up. Soup, especially bone broth, should never be served cold IMHO. The bread was good though, I mopped up the soup quickly and it did my stomach good. I must say I’m a cake snob sometimes, and since I don’t like buttercream, the cupcakes that I ordered were too sugary and too doughy for me.

Hello, honey.
Hello, honey.

Thankfully, the cocktails were yummy, and I downed a couple of those before I headed out to the vendors for some shopping.


Getting there:

K1 Club house is on Ojijo Road, parklands.

If you use public transport, take a #23 matatu from the CBD at Khoja mosque bus stop.

Otherwise, a cab service will get you there cheap, try Little or Uber.