One Night Stand in Dar-es-Salaam


Sometimes you get lucky. In the midst of all the madness that is life and work, you get an offer to head away for a one night stand. A while back, Uber did an article on ‘Rides of Glory’, where they had used data from their customers to track their one night stands, comparing different cities. The backlash to that was understandable and the article was pulled down (summary and cached version here) but they were just doing their thing – transporting you and tracking your habits while at it (maybe we should read T&Cs much more carefully?)

So when the offer came to give me a one night out in Dar, dash in and out of the city, and do whatever I could do in 6 hours, I took the offer quick. After all, who doesn’t want a night out of town with no questions asked? Hopefully, this data wouldn’t be used against me, haha.

That’s how I found myself aboard Fastjet, from Nairobi to Dar. The last time I took a flight to Dar, JKIA was still intact and it was before the ‘big fire’. This time though, I had to find where Terminal 2 was to board the flight, and almost missed the shuttle bus between terminals as we had been given wrong directions on where to wait. After about a half hour’s wait, and thanks to my travel buddy, @Mwirigi, we figured out the shuttle was outside the VIP lounge at JKIA’s domestic arrivals. Mwass walked in about a half hour later, and it was hilarious to see him getting grilled for no reason by the security chaps. I think he looks too Naija…

Blue skies. Dar mpaka ‘morrow (yes, I just corrupted the song.) #FastjetinKenya #TembeaKenya #TembeaTanzania

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Boarding Fastjet at Terminal 2 was a breeze – the joy of operating from a newly opened terminal. Minimal queues, plenty of space for the passengers to relax, and quick movement through the security checks. With the hot Saturday afternoon sun beating down, I was happy to escape into the flight and hide away since I’d forgotten to carry any sunscreen.  


Now, with Dar just an hour away, you just need a quick hop and hey presto! you’re right where you want to be. That’s why Fastjet figured, this would be perfect for a no-frills airline. You don’t go into Fastjet expecting a full meal to be served, or rather, shoved down your throat as you rush to finish it before the plane lands. But they do give you the option to buy the same if you’re sooooooo hungry that you can’t wait to touch down. I opted not to, having had a great breakfast and preparing my stomach for some fresh Dar food. The flight was comfortable, and the crew really friendly, but I was sad to leave the AC inside and feel the blast of the even hotter Dar sun, accompanied by the coastal humidity.

I soon met up with my date for the night, my one night stand – a wonderful bed laid with cool sheets, and a cool shower to ward off the heat. After about 3 months of non-stop work, this was just the loving I needed: A night away from home, alone to just sleep off the exhaustion. At least I tried – I woke up twice to catch the Kenya 7s matches at the sports bar downstairs at the Best Western where we were staying, much to the annoyance of some footie fans.

Morning came too early but I felt refreshed, and we had to catch an early flight into Nairobi, but it was the perfect timing – early enough to ensure you don’t miss out on your day, especially if it were a work day. I’d definitely recommend Fastjet for those looking for an alternative and cheap flight, especially now that they’ve reduced their price to Kes. 7,700/- from Nairobi to Dar. Grab the offer while it lasts!


Comparison with other airlines, subject to changes (and my sometimes bad math)

Dates:                   March 2016

Location:              Nbo to Dar

Ticket:                   Economy, Return




Fastjet Rwandair Kenya Airways
Baggage 50% off Included Included
Layover Dar-Es-salaam Kigali, estimated 2 hours Direct Flight
Perks (food) Buy on board Included Included
Cost Ksh 15,400/$154 Ksh. 32,700 / $327 Ksh 27,795 / $278

I’d definitely recommend Fastjet for those who want a quick hop into Dar, with no frills. Next, I should explore the Nairobi – Dar – Jo’burg connection!

Catch a magnificent view of Kili while at it


Mount Kilimanjaro poking through the clouds. This view was everything. #FastJetInKenya

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