Five Techniques to Take Wonderful Travel Pictures

Our amazing guide, Tilas

When we go to travel especially to places with splendid view, we all take cameras to record the unforgettable moment and the most beautiful landscape. But not every traveler knows how to take perfect photos to reflect the best aspect of the panorama.

Over time, I have observed some great photographers in our midst and summarized some techniques to help you take great photos; I hope it will benefit the travel lovers.

One of my favorite pictures, taken with a Samsung mobile phone.  Sunset in Tanga, Tanzania
One of my favorite pictures, taken with a Samsung mobile phone.
Sunset in Tanga, Tanzania
  1. Select an appropriate camera to take photos. This is the basic equipment to take beautiful photos. You can choose an easy carried camera with sufficient specifications according to your requirements. The best choice may be a DSLR camera but we all know that it is not very cheap or economic to buy a new DSLR camera, especially for amateurs. However, a second hand one on a website like OLX Free Classifiedcan also meet the needs. If you can’t get a great handheld camera, consider using a mobile phone that has amazing camera capabilities. I’m a Samsung fan, but I’m angling to test an iPhone soon.
  2. Take time to understand your camera, and with trial and error, you can learn to adjust and handle well the settings.  A great combination of the background with the person in the photo is best in order to better express the figure through the environment. It is important to choose the representative backgrounds where you travel and some architectures and landmarks worthy to memorize.
  3.  Try and catch the best moment of the person. Sometimes it is not necessary to take the photo with the straight body and front face which will be obviously photos of tourists. Try and capture candid and the most expressive moments without any preparation.
  4. Try and take photos of the local people, with their permission of course. They often bring out more elements in their natural environment in a way that you as a traveler or tourist cannot.  This way, you can often find more meaning to your photos.
  5.  Compose of interesting pictures.  Even your plain looking landscapes can have a composition that draws in the viewer, or you can find unusual setups and aspects of your environments. Of course, we need to have patience to observe well; taking a great picture requires great patience.
Taken with a simple Canon 'point-and-shoot'. Elephant, Samburu National Park
Taken with a simple Canon ‘point-and-shoot’.
Elephant, Samburu National Park

I am sure there must be many other elements to make your picture more attractive such as accessories, funny viewpoints, and the unusual elements in the environs. The best way is to keep practicing. With a great tool in hand, you have met your goal halfway – the only step after that is to learn to see the amazing environment around our country, and tell different stories in time.

Have any tips? Feel free to share!

Canon... can't remember the model! Unforgettable face. Amboseli, Kenya
Canon… can’t remember the model!
Unforgettable face. Amboseli, Kenya



    This is an important post as an amateur photographer I also concur with you even if one cannot afford a DSLR camera its important to invest in a sound handheld device with proper camera features.

  • Thoughtsonly

    Buy a tripod, it doesn’t have to be a big one, just one that can help you steady your images especially when you want to take a photo of a scene early in the morning or late in the evening, when the landscape is bathed with twilight.