Paragliding in Machakos

Gotta take an epic selfie from the sky!

I had spotted mentions about paragliding in Kerio Valley from Magical Kenya, and I was curious as to how this could be done by an amateur, as part of a weekend out.

While not many tour groups organize extreme sports and adventure safaris, Xtrym Adventures has found their niche. Having gone bungee jumping and to the Rhino Charge with them, they were the perfect tour operators to get this done.

The campsite at Malili is basic – but if you don’t want to camp, you might want to talk Hunter into renting the cottage that can sleep about 6. It’s a beautiful cottage, I highly recommend it. The entire cottage is white in color, and draws you into a dreamy feel. I absolutely loved sleeping in a soft bed filled with fluffy pillows while the rest of the team chose to camp outside… yeah, I love my comforts.

At 8am, we were quite ready to get going, but the dull and cold weather in Malili literally dampened our efforts. We then drove off to Machakos town, to a hilly countryside where Hunter has secured a field that he jumps from. With the town of Machakos spread out before us, it promised to be a thrilling ride.

First up was Allan.. guinea pig LOL

Given that Hunter was the only one to jump with us, we had to wait to take turns at it. Once he has laid out the glider and harnesses, he quickly but calmly takes you through the procedures. It basically involves a quick run downhill if the wind isn’t too strong to carry you off the ground immediately, and with a quick gust on the glide, you’re up and away.

To paraglide, you have to be adventurous, but with the right mindset – you must want to jump, safely, and cause no harm to either you or your guide. If you’re afraid of heights, this might be a safe way to try and conquer them, but if you think you will panic while up above, I recommend you stay on ground and don’t jump – don’t cause harm to the guide or disaster could happen.

That said, the gliding was AWEEEEEESOMEEEEEEE!!!! I couldn’t say that enough. It’s great to feel like a bird, albeit for a few minutes.

About to take off!
About to take off!

The next session will be announced on the Xtrym Adventures page. Maybe this time we’ll go to Kijabe and check out the views there. Stay tuned and get ready for a great adventure!

Cost: 11,500/- for those paragliding, 3,500/- for spectators

Includes: Camping from Friday night – Sunday morning, meals for the period, paragliding, transport.

I’ll post more pics and videos once we’re done editing.


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Check out this clip, showing Paragliding in Kenya

Hunter is at Minute 3:37 mark: he and fellow paraglider Felix Wölk marked a new tandem speed WORLD RECORD, 100km out & return course.

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