The Best Moments of Kenyans on Twitter, 2012


Listing seems to be the in thing now, so I thought, why not do this before the year ends (I know,  we’re only in November…)

So… here we go

1. Safaricom Chair 

This has to be the funniest corporate tweet. What happens when you ask a silly question to someone? They give you a silly answer right back. All in good humor though. Safaricom has shown Kenyan corporates that letting your employees be themselves when talking to customers works better than pretending to be a corporate bot.

I hope Bob gave a raise (or a Christmas bonus) to KG.


2. Ramzzy_’s Tweet, RTd over  400 Times

Sometimes you say something that resonates with everyone, and it gets RT’d so many times.

Ramzzy_ did just that, and for once, he said something that wasn’t inundated with swear and dirty words.


3. Handing Alai a seat

Arum managed to hand Robert Alai a seat when Alai bragged about his two phones. This was better than a Subaru.

ION, what has Alai been up to? He no longer beefs…. After #KOTsAgainstMPigs, he sorta calmed down. Or is it just me who thinks that? (This is not me calling for a tweef, alright?)


4. Politicians vs KOTs

Remember when Waititu was held for hate speech against the Maasai, and Uhuru jumped to his defence? Well, Uhuru made the mistake of tweeting “Kenya belongs to all of us….”.

KOTs were quick to remind him that he probably owns a huge chunk of the country, and therefore it does not belong to all of us. If there ever was anger directed at a politician this was the time…

Oh, and I think @ProfOngeri twitticided. Did @RachelShebesh come back to these streets? She hasn’t tweeted since Oct. 5th.

*high 5 @MarcusOlang*


5. We Are Britam

This one generated one of the best roasts ever that went on days on end, and sometimes someone will take a dig into @Verbstract.  The winner was Britam – free publicity!


6. Hae, from Between Two Sofas

When you say hi to someone, make sure your avi looks somewhat decent. Especially if that someone is known for speaking his mind. Ramzzy_ did not hesitate to roast that chick, and her avi became a meme.


7. Overpriced Umbrellas

Nairobian’s are known for their hate of rain, and @CarolineSpencer made fun of it with her tweet:

“@carolinespencer Aaaihhh Jana nilibuy Umbrella ya 5k, I hope leo kuta rain ile serious !!”

It was funny how peeps caught feelings over the 5k umbrella.

It’s Twitter, people. Not the Gospel truth.


8. Short Shorts, aka Chokoza’s

Vinnie is known for his love of fashion and is one of the best dressed dudes around Nairobi. He shocked everyone when he wore shorts that seemed ‘barely there’ when he sat down, as evidenced in the picture. That and the orange blazer that had made him a household name already thrust him into the limelight, and a TT #VinniesShorts was coined, in addition to his own term ‘chokoza shorts’.

In real sense, when he stands, the shorts were of a decent length. The only other person who dared twitpic his legs in shorts is the hairy @MediaMK in his ‘schoolboy uniform’.


9. Bigwigism and CEOs

When you tweef with someone, it’s imperative that you throw something substantial at them to knock them off the ring and out beyond the ropes. IddSalim did it with a knockout punch about how many CEO’s follow him.

Bigwigism is real peeps. How many CEOs follow you? LQTM


10. KCSE 2012

The TT #KCSE2012 happens every year with the onset of the secondary school exams, and this year was no different, and always provides for some entertainment. With fresh trends and happenings around the country, there’s always room for more to happen. On my part, I couldn’t help digging into Rongai’s peeps one more time. And Sickolia hit the nail on the head, grammar nazi for real.


11. Kenyans and Concerts

Everytime there is a musician in town, we either have to start complaining that we don’t know the artiste, or that the ticket prices are high.

@MediaMK summed it up well as to why some people were not at the Johnny Gill concert. ‘Nuff said.


12. Chipos Have Rights Too

There’s always someone dispensing advice left right and center, and a lot of people get offended (IMHO, I think cause the truth hits a sore spot). This time, Laylalestrange entertained us while telling the truth about these one night stands and the reasons women should demand better treatment. I’m still yet to hear whether anyone applied these rules, and how it went… If you haven’t, please take notes.


13. Lion Herder

This is the best moment on Twitter this year. Currie Powder demonstrated that a sense of high self worth and boobs that are halfway on their way to the ground doesn’t mean that your IQ is of any substantial worth. In a few minutes, he had proven to the world how stupid Kola Boof is, and earned the respect of many KOTs. Despite how many times she was told that Currie was messing with her, she didn’t want to listen… her anger at the end of it is priceless!

Read the story of how it all went down at

There you have it. That’s my list. Do you have any more to add to it? Feel free to share.

  • The #LazimaItazimwa #TT The one about ‘Lori ya WuYi China Ikipita simu inasema New Hardware Detected’

    • Naomi Mutua

      Haha, wooi! I remember the TT, I didn’t see that particular tweet. SMH

  • You missed this trend #CitizenTvBreakingNews.
    I liked these ones.

    1. Viewers realize Johnston Mwakazi’s accent is FAKE. Alex Chamwada brings you this shocking discovery.
    2. CCK Reduces Calling rates.Stay tuned as Michelle Morgan analyses how this will affect the Call Of Nature.
    3. Willis Raburu has finally broken his voice, Alex Chamwada with full story.

    • Naomi Mutua

      Ah yes, so recent yet I forgot it. *birdbrain*.
      Also, #LazimaItazimwa was a classic!

  • hausofjoy


  • #KOT are nuts!

  • Roughing out Roud (ROR)

  • There was also @SokoAnalyst’s list of twitter #bigwigs which spawned a whole list of weird KoT’s…..hahah!!

    Nice one.

  • Fyatuka01

    the best was that idiotess kola boof…still cracks me up with the freshian and angus thingi

  • George

    #Fearof #844throwback. were classic too,That Safaricom seat would be my best too.Good read this

  • Shee

    Kola boof still cracks me up…Rongai si kenya!!!

    #AndrewKenneth….the eye candy TL 🙂 tunaweesmek

  • kennedy namungu karanja

    overloading of mathree and tripleing the fare

  • Wadwaro manyieny! wuod AKUMU


    • Naomi Mutua

      English or Swahili please


  • Zax

    @Kola Boof was the mother of ignorance….the exchanges were just priceless! Most of the tweets with #Mpigs are also very funny & creative…..

  • Ian

    I liked the one about phones kuzimwa…. “kama angry birds kwa phone yako ni mafans wa Gor Mahia wakirusha mawe #LazimaItazimwa