Kenya’s Sarara Camp Ranked Among “Wonders of the World” Travel Places


Kenya’s Sarara Camp was listed by the Daily Mail as one of the best places to visit in the world for the trip of a lifetime.

Sarara camp was born of the need to conserve the dwindling numbers of local elephant population which had suffered terrible acts of poachers. Ian Craig and Piers Bastard formed it as a community initiative with several other similar establishments.

Between 1977 and 1995 over 30,000 elephant and rhino where killed by poachers and with all the elephants gone, the Grevy zebras and reticulated giraffe went too. Set up in 1995, the Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust was established to bring peace to this troubled region.

Now, with the support of the TUSK Trust, the population of over 4,000 elephants has returned to the Matthews Range.

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Sarara is a classic tented camp at the heart of the 850,000-acre Namun in Kenya. Close to the foothills of Northern Kenya’s Mathews Range, its six well-spaced tents have spectacular views of the mountains and watering holes.

It is owned by the local Namunyak community. So while you enjoy early morning game drives, night drives in search of leopard, and endangered species such as Grevy zebra, you can rest assured that the community will benefit.

Most remarkably, the local Samburu warriors are renowned for their ‘singing wells’. Every morning they bring their cattle to the river bed near the camp and draw water to the rhythm of their singing.

Despite this elemental experience, your living conditions are far from primitive. The remote camp has electricity and hot water.

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