I bet you’re wondering what place you could dash to for a weekend break – not too far from the city, yet in the open and wild that you can enjoy the solitude that the beautiful vast lands of Kenya offer. Here’s a place where you can chill and while your days away and when you need to, dash back to the hustle and bustle of the city.

A land so dusty, you have to cover your head in case you’re caught in a dust storm. Yet you can’t help but marvel at the majesty and the strength of the same dust storms if they whirl by a distance away from you and into the clear waters of the lake.

The view from my room was magical, overlooking the lake. Serenity is!

Elementaita, a land of contrasts: dust and dry, sandy soil, yet green thriving all along the lake shoreline with flamingos and pelicans jostling for space on the marsh as Egyptian geese wait their turn. Eventually, everyone settles down in their designated patch and life is tranquil once again.
I was on a quick road trip to a place I had often passed by before on my travels to Rift Valley. Seemingly stuck between the bustle of Naivasha and the urban headiness of Nakuru, Elementaita seemed slightly forgotten and lost.

The good thing about the forgotten and lost places is that they eventually become the gems in the area. Almost untouched by rampant development, the lake shores offer a stunning view into the hills and breathtaking sunrise or sunsets, depending on what side of the lake you’re on!

The main clubhouse


My host for the evening was the new and upcoming lodge, Pink Acres. Nestled in an acre of greenery, the cottages are hidden by the tall acacia trees and wandering bourganvellia bushes. As you drive in, all you have to do is follow the marks set out by the whitewashed stones along the road… and don’t stray from the path, or you’ll find yourself in the wilderness. The driveway curves to reveal the main clubhouse area, and beyond it, cottages.

Fashioned in the style of huts and manyattas, the little-known lodge retains an authentic African feel. There is no ostentatiousness here – everything is comfortable enough to give you an outdoor feel without leaving you exposed to the elements. The open grounds encourage you to set up tent and go camping if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, with washroom facilities to one side to cater for those camping. Or, if you simply want to shower in the open, with the delicious morning sunlight to warm your skin and just enough cover to retain your modesty, this is the place for you.

Panorama of Lake Elementaita – I was able to walk out onto part of the lake bed

A little distance away, on the lake grounds, are hot springs that provide the perfect natural Jacuzzi for those weary bones… and you know, natural springs have got to have some good in them!

For now, the place is still undergoing finishing touches, but promises to be a place within budget for most Kenyan families. Given that it’s about 2 hours’ drive from Nairobi, and within easy distance from Nakuru and Naivasha, Pink Acres provides the perfect getaway location.

Drive through the Nairobi – Nakuru highway and enjoy the grand Rift Valley escarpment scenery. Breathtaking!


Timeshare options are available for a limited number of clients, allowing you the flexibility to ‘own’ some space during certain periods of the year. What better than having a chance to take a holiday at your own terms, knowing the accommodation is already available? This is the best chance to get ahead of the pack and avoid last minute holiday rushes.

Take the time for that well deserved break and enjoy time on the shores. Take a book or even a bicycle and enjoy the undisturbed tranquility of Lake Elementaita’s waters… and don’t forget to bring binoculars if you love bird life!

For more details, contact Michael Nkonu on 0733-152135